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Automating Morphological Assessment

Combining surgeons' expertise and computer vision to optimize patient outcome

Modernizing How Plastic Surgeries Are Performed

In a time where companies are building flying cars and hospitals use robots to operate, plastic surgeons have nothing but their eyes and experience to operate. We are changing this by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and cloud computing to turn this art into science.

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Our Mission

Plastic surgeries are often associated with delicate operations involving high-tech tools - this could not be further from the truth


Breast surgeries are the most performed plastic surgeries worldwide, with more than 3.64 million operations every year, they are performed for cosmetic enhancement or for breast reconstruction after breast cancer therapy. In both cases, surgeons assess breast symmetry with their naked eyes based on sharpie lines and their expertise, and their personal phone to store clinical photographs. 

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Our proprietary platform automates aesthetic assessment

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We help patients achieve optimal breast aesthetics.

We empower physicians' decision making in the operating room.

Our Partners

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