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Establishing the gold standard for breast symmetry assessment​

OpAI Innovations’ proprietary platform Mei combines computer vision, machine learning and cloud computing to optimize surgical outcome and facilitate tracking of morphology evolution​ in a PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant cloud.





Of the operating time is spent on assessing the breast symmetry on average.

Of revision surgeries are due to breast asymmetry.​

Revision surgeries are required to achieve breast symmetry desired​

The current approach to evaluating breast symmetry relies on visual assessment, which involves a subjective "eyeballing" method: the surgeon stops the operation, takes a step back, brings the patient up and observes the breasts to estimate the volume to remove or add.​

However, this step takes around 15 minutes during surgery, and its accuracy depends on the surgeon's experience and judgment. ​

This method is used for both cosmetic and  reconstructive  purpose.

With Mei, we are

Reducing a 15-minute task to 2-3 minutes

Facilitating tracking of morphological evolution i


Increasing patient throughput​

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